Thursday, October 20, 2016

Moontide (1942) - A Review

John Gabin Ida Lupino Moontide 1942 film noir drama
Tough longshoreman Bobo (Jean Gabin) has spent a wild drunken night out on the town. Awaking the following morning he starts to suspect he has murdered a man. Fearing prison and deciding to lie low he takes a job on a remote bait barge. As fate steps in Bobo saves the life of suicidal Anna (Ida Lupino) and they end up falling for each other.

However, Bobo's old friend Tiny (Thomas Mitchell) doesn't want to see anything come between their friendship. Tiny has gotten used to living off of Bobo's handwork and good nature and now it's looking like he'll have to make his own way if the new couples hoped for marriage takes place. Fortunately for Tiny Bobo's foggy evening where a man ended up dead might be the key to drive Anna away, keep himself ingrained into Bobo's life and keep his gravy train rolling.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Top Five Things To Do At Westworld

Westworld HBO tv show series 2016 posterI watched the first two episodes of HBO's new series Westworld, which is based on Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi film. I thought it's pretty good so far.

It was certainly better than CBS' MacGyver! That pilot was just painful to sit through. I attempted to give that show another chance with episode two and I only lasted four minutes with it. Bailing on that I gave Westworld a shot and was pleasantly surprised. After the first episode I immediately wanted to watch the second. The show certainly got me intrigued and interested in continuing to watch it and where the story goes.

By the way, one thing that really struck me between MacGyver and Westworld was the dramatic change of quality from a program on CBS was to a show on HBO. A change of quality in every area. It's really startling. It's like a different universe of programming between networks and cable.

Anyway, as probably most people know the premise of Westworld is it's a futuristic old style wild west amusement park of sorts. Visitors arrive and get to play cowboy with robotic Westworld citizens that are programmed to play their roles.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Farewell To 'The Most Annoying Man In Show Business' - Billy Bush!

Billy Bush the most annoying man on television Trump scandal tape
Billy Bush - on his way out!
I'm not going to get into the details of the big 2005 audio tape scandal that has caused Presidential nominee, Apprentice star and former husband of Executive Decision star Marla Maples a major headache and has sent his campaign into a tailspin. There are enough people talking about that and sharing their opinions.

I'd like to just express great jubilation that former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush was caught on that tape going along with Trump's remarks - and now finds his head on the chopping block that will hopefully put an end to seeing this annoying guy on TV!

Maybe something good will come from this election!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Innerspace (1987) - A Review

Interspace 1987 sci-fi comedy Dennis Quaid
Hotshot pilot Dennis Quaid is on a far out mission!

Or should it be a 'far in' mission....hmmm...

Quaid and his space pod get miniaturized to microscopic size for a wild experiment. But through a series of interferences by bad guys he gets injected into the body of hypochondriac grocery store clerk Martin Short! Whoa this wild!

While trying to accept he's got a miniaturized pod floating around in him and Quaid's voice in his head, Short has to avoid bad guys that are after this outrageous tech. Plus, the bad guys are now in possession of a vital microchip that is needed to get Quaid back to normal size. And time is running out! Quaid's air supply will only last for so long, so with the help of Quaid's girlfriend Meg Ryan, Short has to avoid the bad guys and retrieve that microchip or else the miniaturized Quaid is doomed!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lady In A Cage (1964) - Review

Lady in a Cage 1964 horror thriller Olivia DeHavilland
Olivia DeHavilland is the Lady in a Cage
Wealthy poet Mrs. Cornelia Hilyard (Olivia DeHavilland) is home alone for the 4th July weekend. Her son has just left for a holiday getaway. While recuperating from a broken hip Mrs. Hilyard uses an elevator to get her to her upstairs in her luxurious home. While taking another mundane ride up an electrical failure renders her elevator useless and she becomes trapped inside it!

Her cries for help only attracts the attention of a group of hoodlums who see all the nice expensive items she has in her home, break in and help themselves to anything they can grab - and all the while ignore the helpless Mrs. Hilyard. That is until violence escalates and the group realizes she could be a very problematic witness if they don't silence her. Mrs. DeHavilland finds herself in an early home invasion film - and quite a disturbing one.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Murrow (1986) - A Review

Daniel J. Travanti as Edward R. Murrow HBO TV movie 1986
Daniel J. Travanti as Edward R. Murrow
Daniel J. Travanti portrays legendary CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow in the 1986 HBO television movie Murrow.

The film follows Murrow's early days in radio in which he became the voice who the country would get firsthand accounts of the war in Europe from. It then moves into the birth of television with Murrow wanting to use the medium as an educational tool and inform the public of unfair and dangerous activities no matter how controversial the topics were.

CBS would be reluctant to have the face of CBS news engage in such controversial topics, such as his famous reports on Senator Joseph McCarthy's red hunt. Murrow's battle with McCarthy threatens to cause CBS a great deal of problems, but Murrow would be persistent that the news and television had a responsibility to inform and report to the public, no matter what the risks were.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The MacGyver Reboot - It Stinks!

MacGyver 2016 CBS reboot Lucas Till review
The new MacGyver - Ouch!
Angus MacGyver is back and this time he's in one shoddy, bland procedural drama that you could easily mistake for half the shows that CBS airs.

I finally got around to watching the pilot episode for the new MacGyver and thought it was really, really lousy. It reminded me why I don't bother watching network television anymore and how incredibly dull and uninteresting their shows have become. At least to me. I'm sure their are plenty of their shows that attract fans, but man do they all look so generic and interchangeable to me.

Probably the best place to watch any 'television' shows is on cable or through streaming services. That's where I hear much more excitement by audiences lies and where most of the television awards go to. If you want safe, banal, uninteresting programming - go to the networks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are Hitchcock's Films A Shared Cinematic Universe?

Alfred Hitchcock films shared cinematic universe
Alfred Hitchcock directed over fifty films in his career. From early grainy silent films to big glossy Hollywood productions. Thanks to so many of his popular, classic films and his talents behind the camera he would become known as 'The Master of Suspense'.

He would also become one of the most recognizable directors of all time, thanks to his weekly appearances on his own television show 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'. His rotund shape, distinct profile and dry dark humor would make him a memorable figure.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Executive Action (1973) - A Review

Executive Action Kennedy assassination conspiracy movie 1973
Executive Action
Right-wing powerful conspirators are at work to kill President John F. Kennedy. They meticulously plan every detail and select an individual to take the fall - a fellow by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.

As longtime followers of mine might know already, I don't buy any of the conspiracy stuff surrounding the JFK assassination. There was a long period I was fascinated by the story and ate up any theory that was presented, but at a certain point all that ended. I finally concluded that the most logical thing that happened was that a deranged Oswald was at the perfect place at the perfect time and all alone with a shoddy rifle changed world history.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Harry and the Hendersons (1987) - A Review

Harry and the Hendersons 1987 Bigfoot comedy children movie
Harry and the Hendersons
An ordinary camping trip becomes the discovery of a lifetime when The Hendersons accidentally hit a Bigfoot! What would you do upon finding an eight-foot tall unconscious Bigfoot - well, take him home of course!

The hairy guest begins to make himself at home with the Hendersons and they learn he's not a scary monster at all. 'Harry' soon becomes a beloved member of the family.

There are problems that come with Harry staying with them though. Along with breaking up the house and eating corsage's, Harry is pursued by a Bigfoot hunter who won't rest until he can track Harry down and kill him. The Henderson's small Seattle town becomes panicked when Harry begins to make appearances all over the place. Can the Henderson's protect Harry from becoming a giant stuffed trophy?

I find it a little hard to believe that this family comedy is the most popular Bigfoot movie that has been made. Where are the thrillers, the mysteries, the dramas about the discovery of a Bigfoot? Come on guys! Someone must be able to come up with some more stories about this mythic creature. Is the best they can think up for Bigfoot is him just watching television in a suburban home?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Last of Robin Hood (2013) - A Review

The Last of Robin Hood 2013 Errol Flynn Kevin Kline Dakota Fanning
The Last of Robin Hood
Legendary swashbuckling movie hero Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline) is no longer the box office draw he once was. With his health deteriorating and the best years of his career behind him the middle-age Flynn refuses to slow down and continues to live the way he wants, which includes bedding young up and coming starlets.

However, when he meets fifteen-year-old aspiring singer/actress/dancer Beverly Aadland (Dakota Fanning) he takes more than just a casual liking to her. Supported by her ambitious mother Florence (Susan Sarandon), Errol and Beverly begin a relationship, which the outcome becomes more tragic than any of the three had hoped.

"Damn!" That's what I was thinking when I was watching The Last of Robin Hood. Damn, damn, damn!'.